Main Festivities of the Island of Tenerife

From having the second biggest carnival celebration in the world to the culturally relevant Fiestas de Mayo, Tenerife is a region with plenty of festivities that are carried out every year. They are very significant for the residents, especially from a historical and cultural point of view, tightly related with the people's past and social and political achievements over the years. 

While there are several celebrations and festivities in Tenerife, there are three of them that are the most relevant and expected by people in the island every year and even by visitors, who schedule their trips to match these festivities, such as the carnival and others. Here are the three main Tenerife festivities and what they represent for the Canarian people.

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a celebration carried out every year in the island in January or February, being the most relevant and important. In fact, this is the only festivity, along with Carnival of Cadiz and Carnival of Aguilas in Spain that has the title of International Tourist Interest Party. 

In fact, the Carnival of Santa Cruz is considered the second biggest carnival across the world, after the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and that is definitely not a trivial feat by any means. For this reason, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Rio de Janeiro are twinned cities. 

The carnival's history dates back to the 16th century, starting as a costume party where people had the intention to change in character or gender through a disguise, becoming later a cultural representation of customs and a party as a whole. 

Specifically, every carnival in Tenerife has a theme that is selected previously and can be inspired by a movie, historical period, movement, city or any other topic, so everybody can match their outfit. 

Many things and objects are sold as souvenirs and more inspired by the theme and culture and way of life in Tenerife. The official schedule is possible to include dozens of musical presentations, murgas, contests, carnival queen's election, the Cabalgata Anunciadora or Announcing Riding and the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Carnival celebrated during that week.

Fiestas de Mayo 

On the eve of the night of May 3rd, in Tenerife the Fiestas de Mayo start; a cultural celebration where residents wear the island's traditional costume that is called “the Wizard´s Outfit”, and dressed in this way they prepare a meal and all kinds of activities, all of it carried out to be enjoyed outdoors. Typical food and desserts are offered during the celebration. 

While the festivity covers the whole region of Tenerife, in the capital it’s celebrated with a lot more emphasis and actually having its core at Plaza de España, although Candelaria and Noria Streets also house the celebration and hundreds of residents from other parts of the island are received.

The purpose of Fiestas de Mayo as a festivity is to celebrate and remember the foundational and historical events and liberation of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Another characteristic is that the Sunday before May 3rd is carried out the Paseo Romero as well, in which many vehicles with music and themed decoration go throughout the streets of Tenerife, seen by visitors and residents wherever they go. 

Recreation of the Gesta of July 25th 

In 1797, the Admiral Horatio Nelson tried to invade and enter by force to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and take the island. On July 25th of that year the outsider was defeated and since that day the city was awarded and titled as: “Loyal, noble and undefeated village, port and square of Santa Cruz de Santiago de Tenerife” in honor of Santiago who became the saint of the city since that day. 

Known the history of the celebration and the real tale behind, now we can explain the celebration of the Recreation of the Gesta of July 25th, which is called that way since events in every one of the three battles are recreated, from the arrival to Tenerife´s coastline of the British Horatio Nelson to the injured soldiers and the complete rendition of the intent of invasion that was stopped by the Canarian military. 

Different Activities to Do in Tenerife

When it comes to the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the largest of them and the one that receives more visitors every year, thanks to its amazing landscapes, variety of views and surfaces, exotic beaches with aquamarine water that is perfect for surfing and water sports, due to outstanding breaks and high waves. 

There are plenty of different activities to carry out in Tenerife. Whether visitors are searching for a place to swim, a mountain to explore, sports to practice on the water or land, magic towns to visit and connect with the island's culture or to experience natural wonders, Tenerife definitely has it all. Here are some examples: 

Spend a Day in Siam Park 

The Siam Park is a water park in Tenerife that has been considered the best in the world for at least a couple of years in a row, due to the many entertaining features and things to offer that the park includes. For instance, the Siam is available anytime of the year and even in winters, with pools that provide waves and falls with heated water up to 24 degrees Celsius. 

Among other things, the Siam Park is perfect for children and the whole family to enjoy, with slides and other entertainment options on the water. Because of the perfect weather in Tenerife and conditions in the park, visitors should not get worried about the time of the year when to come, since the most comfortable conditions are always present at Siam Park. 

The exotic village of Masca 

The region and town of Masca is a very exotic and picturesque place in the island of Tenerife, from the cultural point of view since this is where people from the island got hidden when pirates and other criminals came to the city, also having landscape benefits with amazing views since Masca is surrounded by a mountain and the Rock Beach and nearby valleys, through roads that are ideal for hiking.

Masca is a very visited place and it gets crowded most of the days, so it is recommended to get there early to avoid traffic and enjoy the amazing landscapes and spots from the most comfortable views. People living in Masca are very nice and receive visitors with kindness, offering services as tour guides and there are also local companies focused on tourism.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Between Tenerife and La Gomera

Aquatic life in Tenerife waters is incredible, allowing visitors to enjoy dolphin and whale watching and other related activities and sports. However, to watch sea creatures there is no better place in the archipelago than the space between Tenerife and La Gomera, another Canary Island. 

For instance, 3-hour cruises are offered in which visitors can watch sea mammals, dolphins, whales and more from very close, as an activity that is quite exciting for children and families in general. In these cruises, Tenerife visitors may choose from many service packages that offer unlimited drinks, food and hotel pick-ups for best convenience. 

Splash in Aqualand in Costa Adeje 

Costa Adeje is of the most beautiful coastlines in Tenerife, with plenty of water activities to do that involve surfing, diving, swimming, dolphin sighting and more. Now, for those searching for a water park in this part of the island and be able to enjoy all of these activities mentioned before, Aqualand Costa Adeje is the perfect place to visit. 

Aqualand Costa Adeje is a venue that is designed for the whole family, including packages that allow interacting with dolphins, taking slides on water cannons and more, in a safe and comfortable environment. For visitors arriving to Costa Adeje with family, Aqualand is definitely an experience to have since children will have a blast with no doubt. 

Visit the Anaga Rural Park 

The Anaga Rural Park in Tenerife is a magical place to visit in the island, which is known for its laurel trees and beaches as the Benijo that is considered of while waters, perfect for surfers and other water sports. In winter, the Anaga Rural Park is quite crowded due to the amazing landscape with foggy clouds and an exotic feel, but never reaching uncomfortable temperatures thanks to the island´s ideal weather conditions.