Things to do on the Island of Tenerife

Tenerife is the biggest and most populated region of the Canary Islands; the Spanish archipelago that is one of the most visited places worldwide, due to its amazing natural destinations, incredible landscapes, long coastline and beaches, comfortable weather the entire year and a great set of outdoor resources such as parks and big mountains.  Unsurprisingly, the previous description makes Tenerife a great destination with many places to go to, for all types of tourists and with plenty of available things to do in the “Island of Eternal Spring”, which some call the island thanks to its unmistakable and almost unrepeatable weather in the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some of the recommended things to do in Tenerife:  Hiking in the Masca Mountain and Valley Hiking is a very popular activity in Tenerife and Masca is the perfect region to do that: combining an

Gastronomy in Tenerife: Tasty Food in the Island of Eternal Spring

Tenerife is known for many reasons, such as its perfect weather that gives the island the title of “Island of Eternal Spring”, amazing destinations as the Teide, unbelievable coastlines and beaches where Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos definitely stand out, among other wonders that this Spanish region offers. Now, there is another aspect that really shines about Tenerife: the food and general gastronomic culture.  In fact this gastronomic characteristic of the island and the Canary archipelago in general is very important, as an identity element for the Canarian people that is very different if it is compared with Spanish identity, even when the islands belong to Spain. Those differences are given due to distinct weather, location in the world and cultural roots.  Let's get to know more about food and Tenerife´s gastronomy, its importance in terms of